Vanille Coco Eau de Toilette by Comptior Sud Pacifique


Comptoir Sud Pacifique, a Parisian Fragrance House, brings you a bounty of fragrances inspired by the scents of the South Pacific.

Vanille Coco…a light wind, soft and delicious, blows gently across heavenly islands and brings back dreamlike scents: island vanilla, cocoa milk, heliotrope… Journey to distant lands and an escape.

Top Note: Heliotrope, Banana cream.
Heart and Base note : Coco milk, Island vanilla.

Available in 30 ml & 100 ml



The master perfumers behind Comptoir Sud Pacifique have captured the feeling of the tropics. Vanille Coco embodies the gentle warmth and relaxation of a South Pacific beach. The scent blends notes of island vanilla, refreshing coconut milk, and intoxicating heliotrope for a blissful escape to a warm and gentle memory of paradise.

Heliotrope, Coconut Milk, Tahitian Vanilla.

Romantic. Relaxing. Inspirational.

About the Brand:
A tribute to the explorer, Comptoir Sud Pacifique captures hidden treasures that awake emotion and colourful memories of faraway places. Each bottle contains the purest blend of exotic essences to transport you to sandy white beaches with horizons where the sky meets the sea in a swell of turquoise. Let the murmur of the waves carry you away.