Shelley Kyle Sorella Royal Body Cream 300ml



A richer and deeper blend of Shelley Kyle’s lotion, ultra-hydrating shea butter creme nourishes even the driest skin. Paraben free.

The name means “sister” in Italian, and this blend of gardenia and tuberose is as wonderfully subtle and fulfilling as the bond only sisters can share. In shared time, the strongest bond is woven in the subtleness of watercolor. Exultant memories at once cast in childish splendor and fulfilling grace.

Fragrance Notes

Fresh Tuberose and Vintage Gardenia predominant, with hints of Red Roses and crushed Violet Leaves

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Unique and unexpected, Shelley Kyle fragrances are lavish and clean, difficult to define, and impossible to forget.

Sorella Fragrance Notes

Fresh Tuberose
Bask in the sweet sensation of our Fresh Tuberose, a timeless fragrance. Allow this soothing scent to envelop you in swirls of beautiful, warm flora. Compelling and vibrant, our unique concoction is an enchanting narration of the prestigious flower. Luscious and seductive, it lingers on, caressing the skin ever so gently. Bold but gentle, loud but secretive, the scent glides with you from day into evening with utmost ease. Versatile enough to wear to a romantic dinner date or to that special movie.

Red Roses
This perfume is a glorious tribute to the world’s most prestigious flower – the rose. It exudes an immediate and incredible freshness, like an aroma of a rosebud, warmed by the sun. An everyday scent that’s delicate, feminine and velvety without being overpowering. The scent is light and balanced – just sweet enough and subtle lasting several hours. A delightful and feminine fragrance for fun, playful and modern women. This fragrance is perfect if you desire a beautiful rose scent with a contemporary edge.

Vintage Gardenia Predominant
A feminine, gorgeous floral scent that’s graceful, generous and opulent. Awaken your senses with this irresistible heady aroma and create unforgettable memories. Lose yourself in this dream of Vintage Gardenia, seductive, sensual and sultry. A must have for carefree, fun-loving women who are in touch with their romantic side. Count on this mesmerizing fragrance to entitle you to supreme confidence.

Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.33.11Violet Leaves
Versatility, sophistication and elegance best describe the vast range of the Violet Leaf. Originating in the Mediterranean, it plays subtly from fresh floral to bold-spicy. Just like a woman brave, self-confident and assertive with an uncanny need for pampering. A seductive fragrance that charms and evokes feelings of timeless elegance. Indulge in the crisp, effervescent aromas to escape to a world of fantasies. Uniting intense and warm aromas command adoration from all.