Shelley Kyle Ballerine Royal Body Cream 300ml





A richer and deeper blend of Shelley Kyle’s luxurious lotions, ultra-hydrating shea butter creme nourishes even the driest skin. Paraben free. 10.3 oz

As is the Allegro Dance of a Ballerina, our hearts are enlivened with grace and serenity as we beckon on the day ahead.

Fragrance Notes

Dewey Jasmine, Gentle Rose, Lily of the Valley, and Sea Blue Amber

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Ballerine Fragrance Notes

Dewey Jasmine
Envelope yourself in a fresh, clean, and soft fragrance and feel like you just got out of the shower all day. Exude and inspire a sexy self-confidence. Scents are personal and remind us of a place, memory, and a flavor. Our unique variant of Dewey Jasmine uses accurate to life smells to transport you to a garden full of white Jasmine buds. A heady mix that wraps you in a crisp and dewy scent that is floral but with an animalistic background. Emphasize your feminity, your elegant style and draw compliments all day long. It’s no wonder that experts call Jasmine the King of flowers. A versatile aroma that is suitable for everyday use.

Gentle Rose
Like a queen basking in a milk bath laden with rose petals, feel royal. For centuries, roses represented a romantic nuance. Our handpicked Gentle Rose will make you feel supported, soothed and spontaneous. This exclusive variant avoids any soapy-camphorous effect rather enhancing the natural fresh rose petal scent. It’s a light-hearted, subtle smell that unlike the “old lady” scents is refreshing and gentle. The natural process of extraction focuses on providing the correct amount of sweetness. A sensual floral note that lasts the whole day making you the center of compliments… Reminisce the sort of relaxed, playful, understated “weekend” kind of elegance. Appropriate for any formal occasion.

Lily Of The Valley
A perfect spring day – grass waving in a gentle breeze, and a crisp freshness in the air. Lily of the Valley captures it all and much more. A simple yet versatile scent that is warm, pleasant and innocent. Wear it on those tough days when you know you won’t have time for a breather, and you need a touch of serenity. Or keep it for a time you need to reminisce your ten-year-old self, light and carefree. An adaptable fragrance, typical of the English countryside – refreshing, relaxing, yet distinct.

Sea Blue Amber
Imagine having a cup of cappuccino by the fireplace, warm, creamy and luxurious. Our exquisite Sea Blue Amber emits a woody fragrance, which is comforting, cozy and light. A scent that lingers on calming the nerves yet playful and sensual. Feel engulfed in an aura of love and tenderness. Wear it for an evening out or just to snuggle up and chill, relax. The sweet, spicy, smoky, and sultry, yet pleasantly dry Sea Blue Amber is the perfect blend.