Shelley Kyle Annabelle Royal Body Cream 300ml





A richer and deeper blend of Shelley Kyle’s luxurious lotions, ultra-hydrating shea butter creme nourishes even the driest skin. Paraben free. 10.3 oz

A portrait of a strong southern mother comes into focus when you discover this contrasting scent. With an independent spirit she warms the room with beauty and grace and the perfect balance of delicate and commanding.

Fragrance Notes

Dewey Jasmine, Gentle Rose, Lily of the Valley, and Sea Blue Amber

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Annabelle Fragrance Notes

Blue Peony
It is a luscious, slightly spicy, pleasant powdery fragrance that celebrates your beauty.

A sophisticated blend of nectarous, almost fruity tonality, there is a serene and zen-like quality about honeysuckle. It lends itself naturally to the luxurious life.

Wild Lily Of The Valley
A fresh and clean aroma associated with love, tenderness, and innocence.

Lime Blossom
A youthful fragrance with a touch of sweetness, natural with green and earthy nuances.

Italian Tuberose
A scent that surprises with its simplicity, maturity, elegance, and femininity, our exclusive variant provides an intensity and velvety opulence beyond any other.

A refreshing and energetic aroma that highlights the liveliness and freshness of citrus.